Retail / Hospitality

Casino Las Vegas

Budapest Hungary
Design of the first American owned gambling casino in Hungary, which was later expanded on to two levels of the Grand Hyatt as a modern twist to the Budapest Art Nouveau style including state of the art lighting effects.

Nestlé USA Employee Dining Center

Glendale, CA
Remodel of the main reception and employee dining center, in addition to providing design direction for the fitness center and future office floor remodels for Nestlé USA's headquarters.

Nestlé Company Store - The Nest

Glendale, CA

Casino Tropicana Vigado

Budapest Hungary

Mann Theatre Remodels

Southern California

Paramount Watertower Market & Café

Hollywood, CA

Sterling Cleaners

Westwood Palms, CA

Warner Bros.

Burbank, CA

Mann Theatre Remodels

Several remodels for multiplexes including public areas, concessions and theater interiors.